International Pationt Department(IPD)
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    Coordinating travel and treatment

    Co-ordination of travel to Iran, treatment and return to the country of origin by IPD Expert of Sina Hospital.

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     Facilities and Amenities for the patient and their companions

     For the Welfare of patients and their companions: Translator of English, Arabic and Turkish languages and the possibility to order various types of food, access to the bank and the transportation system are our facilities.


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    Medical technologies

    Sina Hospital uses advanced and up-to-date equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures


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    Control the cost of treatment

    When you choose Sina private hospital, note that the cost of receiving excellent medical services in this hospital and generally in Iran is much lower than similar treatment in developed countries.

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    Travel to the historical cities of Iran


    You can visit Iran's historical sites, religious places and neighboring cities in addition to receiving favorable healthcare services.

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    International Patient's admissions

    Get more information on how to coordinate your Travel to Iran and admission of your patient at Sina Hospital.

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