About IPD

About International Patients Department (IPD):



 Dr. Ardalan Faraji (IPD physician)


WhatsApp: +989155136413


Aida Pahlavani (Head of IPD)       


WhatsApp:  +989379509178


Aida Esmaeilpuor (IPD Nurse)

WhatsApp: +989302752198


Definition of IPD:
Medical tourism is a journey that aims to treat in another country. Appropriate medical tariffs, the presence of professional medical experts, a rich original culture and hospitality, the provision of high quality medical and nursing and advanced medical infrastructure in Iran toward other neighbor countries, along with the lack of similar therapeutic procedures, the cost, the lack of advanced therapeutic technologies in the source country has led to a large number of patients who receive medical health care in Iran. This has led Iran to be recognized as one of the medical tourism hubs in the region. In this regard, Sina Hospital and Maternity of Mashhad city, Iran, receives the certificate of international patients admission according to the assessment of the Ministry of health and medical sciences by providing appropriate healthcare services in a completely modern environment, based on more than half a century of experience Sina Hospital and Maternity, with the certificate of the IPD, relying on its geographical location near the shrine of Imam Reza, relying on the religious beliefs of the neighbor countries patients and the potential tourism capacity of Mashhad; this hospital is the pioneer in providing medical, nursing and hoteling services for tourism in the province, itself.
IPD Services: The International Patients Department (IPD) of the hospital consists of professional expert and physicians, along with fluent English, Arabic translators to provide medical services for international patients.
•Accompanying the Arabic, English translators in this hospital from the moment of entering the country until the discharge from the hospital not only encourages patients, but also facilitates the process of treatment that does not cause any disruption in the patient's stay and treatment.
•The presence of IPD nurses and authorities from the moment of admission or any contact by patients in order to coordinate the presence of patients into the hospital, not only provides comfort and safety for them, but also provide effective levers for this department.
•The hospital papers and forms have been translated into Arabic and English languages, which is an important step in protecting the patients' rights.

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