Honors of Sina Hospital

Honors of Sina Hospital & Maternity

 1.        The Social Security Organization of Khorasan Razavi Choose Sina Hospital as the excellent hospital.

2.       Gain fourth (4th) place among 46 hospitals in Khorasan Razavi province by the Ministry of Health, in terms of implementation of hospital accreditation system.

3.       The first private hospital which gained the title of top-notch among private hospitals in Khorasan and continues to maintain the rating for twelve years so far.

4.       The Medical Council in 2008 selected the Sina Hospital as the excellent hospital.

5.       Chose as an excellent hospital among 88 private hospitals by the General Authority for Health Services.

6.       The first hospital which used comprehensive clinical software (HIS) in Khorasan.

7.       Second hospital which achieve Safe delivery and childbirth in the water among private hospitals and maternity in the country.

8.       The first private hospital operator job classification plan.

9.       The first private hospital in project to improve clinical productivity system in the country,

10.    A pioneer in the creation of disinfecting hospital waste by the construction of space and deployment of infectious waste elimination device.

11.      Creation of information system of the patient's condition at different stages (operating room, discharge).

12.     Create two internal video networks for showing video and teaser education for awareness of patients and also performance tracking system and identify patient safety.

13.     Group formed to support mother in line with the instructions of mother-friendly hospital.

14.    Received the Letter of Appreciation for the Baby Friendly Hospital in 2014.

15.     Mother-Friendly Hospital Award candidate in 2014.

16.    Create a system for automated evaluation of patient satisfaction.

17.    First Hospital deploys video surveillance and monitoring of the entire hospital.

18.    In the first Provincial exhibition about Accreditation in 2014, Sina Hospital was introduced as one of the top eight hospitals in the province in the field of accreditation documents.

19.    Ability to perform Safe delivery - natural delivery in water for pregnant women and the possible presence of her husband during childbirth if they passed a special training course.

20.   Country Nursing Organization, Khorasan University of Medical Sciences and Provincial Health Center Introduced the Sina hospital manager Mr. Emili as excellent manager in the country in in two consecutive years. (2011-2012).


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