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Our History is Our Strength
Sina Hospital and Maternity, THE FIRST PRIVATE HOSPITAL in Khorasan province was founded in October 1968 by seven of the top doctors in the city of Mashhad. The management of the hospital was For-profit and health care offered to patients around the clock to provide services. In 1993 the rate of 2/3 was added to physical size of the hospital and inpatient bed increased from 75 to 132 beds.

The exterior of the hospital in 1997
Now, Sina Hospital has nine specialized wards and more than 100 specialists working in this hospital. Admitting difficult to cure patients from all over the country and even out of the country and accomplishing complicated and heavy (high risk) operations by well-known surgeons increased the credit of our hospital. Sina Hospital was the first private hospital in Khorasan Province which succeeded to obtain the first degree assessing certificate of The Ministry of Health & Medical Treatment. Moreover, Sina is the only private hospital holding mentioned certificate for five years. In 2008 (1387) our hospital was the first private hospital which received Tourism Treatment Certificate from the Treatment Deputy of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.
In the September of 2009 (1388) Sina got the certificate of Physiologic Delivery and in the October of current year by starting the safe system of discharging hazardous infected garbage, Sina became a pioneer in this national and precious activity. In 1996(1375), Being the first workshop in Mashhad, Sina succeeded to accomplish the classification method of professions and received the letter of commendation from General Bureau of Professions & Welfare and its Discipline Rules & Regulations was confirmed by the mentioned bureau and Ministry of Profession.
In1997(1376),we were the first company in Khorasan Province and the sixth one in Iran using Mechanized Computer System in form of Intranet. In 1999(1378), Sina Hospital & Maternity was introduced as an epitome in Mashhad by Medical Council. Sina Hospital as a company is the only private stock company that all its 81 stockholders are specialists. One of the other successes of Sina Hospital, as the first private medical center stepped in, is providing patients with opinion polling questionnaires containing 39 items. These forms are registered and mechanized in hospital computer system and will help the management system of the hospital being informed of patient’s suggestions and criticism. According to the latest assessment of costumers’ opinions, the result was 4.57 showing the satisfactory of the patients and applicants (Considering the definition of Ministry of Health & Medical Treatment), and the result was really great and considerable.
In 1998 (1377) on Emam Hossein’s Birthday, all of the rooms were equipped with televisions and a special TV channel showing authorized movies round the clock by the management of the hospital. At this time, Sina in its 41th year of establishing, by the company of more than 120 physicians and specialists, 340 personnel and holding 24 hours wards, like ICU, NICU and Emergency Room, is able to give its best services to citizens and pilgrims.





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