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SINA Quality Policy


Taking into account the expectations of patients and its moral duty towards them, Sina Hospital proclaims that it will provide top-level services, balanced development and continuous improvement of hospital services quality to sustain patient safety & patient satisfaction. 
 Infection control program
Hand Hygiene: Proper hand hygiene – i.e. washing and/or applying antiseptic solution – is the most effective way to limit the spread of infectious diseases. To prevent the transmission of infections in a hospital setting, health professionals must practice hand hygiene before and after caring for every patient, whereas patients and their carers will also need to follow the proper hand hygiene rules. We have installed special hand sanitizers in every room at Sina Hospital and we implement an intensive training program, aided by infectious disease specialists and the nursing staff, in order to ensure that the hands of staff, patients and their families remain clean and safe. To further ensure the proper implementation of the program, the Hospital Infection Control Committee has trained some of their officers in monitoring the staff during work. These officers monitor the doctors, nurses and other health professionals who come into contact with patients and record their compliance with the requirement to apply antiseptic before and after coming into contact with the patient. These recordings are used to compute compliance indicators analyzed by the Hospital Infection Control Committee, in order to take the necessary targeted actions for the continuous improvement of the Hand Hygiene Program.

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