ENT/Ear Nose Throat Surgery

Tympanoplasty( Eardrum repair)
Eardrum repair refers to one or more surgical procedures that are done to correct a tear or other damage to the eardrum (tympanic membrane).

The operation 
Tympanoplasty is a safe and effective outpatient procedure used to both eradicate disease from the middle ear and restore hearing and middle ear function. A number of surgical approaches and grafting techniques are available for use by the surgeon. A graft consisting of cartilage, fat (often harvested from behind the ear), or fascia (tissue overlaying muscle) is used to reconstruct the eardrum. Depending on the size and location of the perforation, tympanoplasty can be performed in the procedure room under local anesthetic. In this case, the surgeon enters through the external ear canal.
After The Operation
For the vast majority of tympanoplasties, the packing in the external ear is usually soaked with blood from the operation. This is normal. It is also common for some blood-colored drainage to discharge from the external ear for several days after surgery. If there is concern about the color or rate of discharge, please contact your surgeon's office.

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